3net Setup Parameters
Domain Suffix (Name): 3net.com.au
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Your IP Address: Allocated by our server
WWW Server: www.3net.com.au
Mail (SMTP/POP3) Server: mail.3net.com.au
Mail Account: login_name
Mail Account Password: login_password
Your Email Address: login_name@3net.com.au
News Server: news.3net.com.au
News Server Logon: (not required)
FTP Server: ftp.3net.com.au
IRC Server: irc.3net.com.au
Proxy Server: You will be given the best available proxy automatically.
Dial Up Protocol: ppp
Dial Up Script: (not required)
Dial Up Number: 0198-333-122
Dial Up Speed: 56Kb using K56Flex
We provide the following services:  
  ppp dial up connection
  www server
  ftp server
  mail (pop3 & smtp) server
  news server
  irc server
  caching proxy server