Setup Dial Up Networking Window 95/98 To Connect to 3net
with Modem Already Installed.


Check to see if Dial Up Networking is installed. To make sure, double click My Computer icon. If there is a yellow folder called "Dial Up Networking" you can continue to the section "TCP/IP Configuration".


Add the Dial Up Networking by going to Start, then Settings, then Control Panel. Double-click on the Add/Remove Programs icon and select the Windows Setup tab. Highlight the Communications option, and then click on the Details box.


Put a check in the box to the left of Dial Up Networking (see diagram below), and then click on OK, and then click on OK again when you are returned to the Windows Setup tab. Follow the instructions which appear to finish installing Dial Up Networking.







TCP/IP Configuration
Go to Start, then Settings, then Control Panel. Double-click on the Network icon. If TCP/IP is listed under the heading "The following network components are installed:" then you can skip to point 3.


Click on the Add button, then select Protocol and hit the Add button. Select Microsoft under the Manufacturers heading and TCP/IP under the Network Protocols heading, and then click OK.





The Network/Configuration window should finally look similar to the one shown below:








Setting up an icon for 3net:

1. Double click My computer icon.

2. Double click Dial-up Networking.

3. Double click Make New Connection

4. Change ‘My Connection’ to ‘3net’ (or whatever you like)

5. Select your modem (this should have been setup during the Windows 95 installation)

6. Click Next button then enter 3net’s dial-in number:

7. Click Next button

8. Click Finish button and a new icon called ‘3net’ will be created.

Configuring 3net Properties
1. Right mouse click the new 3net icon and select Properties, then click Configure button beneath ‘your modem brand & model' box.

2. Make sure 'The Maximum Speed' box contains the right speed for your installed modem, eg.57600 for 56K modem. Ensure that ‘Only connect at this speed’ is greyed out or unchecked.

3. Click Connection tab and ensure that Data bits = 8, Parity = None, Stop bits = 1. In the Call preferences dialog box check that ‘Disconnect a call if idle...’ is on or off depending on what your needs are. (This may cause false ‘dropped carriers’ if you forget that you have this checked on)

4. Click OK

5. Click Server Type tab, make sure that you have ticked ‘Log on to network’ and ‘Enable sofware compression’ but unticked ‘Require encrypted password’.

Ensure that ‘NetBEUI’ and ‘IPX/SPX Compatible’ are unticked, but 'TCP/IP' is ticked as shown below:







Click TCP/IP Settings... button,
‘Server assigned IP address’ is selected by default - that's correct,
leave that as it is.

In the 2nd part select "Specify name server addresses’.

Enter as the Primary DNS,

and as the Secondary DNS

Ignore the WINS boxes setup and the screen
should finally look like the one below:







Click OK, Click OK, Click OK
It's done! That is it !

You are now ready to dial into 3net to access the Internet!

Dialling into 3net

1. Turn your modem on if it is not an internal modem.

2. Double click the 3net icon.

3. Enter your username and password and tick on ‘Save password’ (this will save you from typing them every time you logon). Please note that with this option anyone can use your account from your computer with or without your permission.

3. Click Connect button and after a little while you'll be connected to the Internet.