3net ADSL Broadband Service:
  • It is a flat rate service.
    No time charge. No data charge.
  • Connection is on all the time - 24x7.
     No maximum session limit. No idle time limit.
  • No call charge on the Internet connection.
  • Compare to dial-up service, you enjoy a faster
    speed and save money on call charges and possible
    phone line rental.
  • No lengthy commitment. You can terminate at any
    time with a 14 days notice. However, a termination fee
    of $100 applies when it is done in the first 6 months.
  • 3 speeds are available: 256k/64k, 512k/128k, 1.5M/256k The numbers represent:
    Download(receiving) speed / Upload(sending out) speed
  One-Off Charge Monthly Charge
Connection **ADSL Setup *Modem  
256/64Kbps $150 $100 $70
512/128Kbps $150 $100 $100
1.5M/512Kbps $150 $100 $190
All prices are GST inclusive.
All Connections are:
- Unlimited time
- Unlimited download
- Unlimited number of network users
- 6 months contract – a disconnection fee of $100 applies if discontinued earlier
- Invoice quarterly by post
- Payment is in advance and must be made by the due date
- Payment options:
  • Direct debit
  • Cheque or money order
  • Credit cards
  *Modem – is sold to you. It is Ethernet/USB capable and pre-configured for connection to our service.

**ADSL Setup - refers to the setup by Telstra personnel to enable the ADSL capability on your telephone line.

NOTE: You may require additional PC/MAC workstation setup and network configuration at your location. This is usually carried out by your IT personnel.

If required this additional service is provided in conjunction with our ADSL connection service for a flat fee of $100.