3net Computer Networking covers
multi-platform, heterogeneous networks namely:

Product Info
Services Available
  • Microsoft Windows network
  • Novell NetWare
  • Unix/Linux platform
  • Apple Macintosh
 Consulting & Design
For organisations which require expert:
- Network evaluation & improvement
- Network design & redesign

We cover the most commonly implemented
Network platforms and architecture.

3net personel will inspect, evaluate and discuss your IT requirements and concerns in order to formulate the most suitable solutions for your business.
 Network Installation
Either for a completely new network system, or an integration to an existing system.

This entails housing equipments, loading software, running self-test and verifying configuration.
We will schedule our task so as to minimise disruption the functioning of your business.
 Maintenance & Support
For customers who require:
- Telephone support
- On-site engineering assistance
- Hardware troubleshooting or replacement
- Software configuration or updates
- Web & Email services

Whether you select:
- One of the 3 service plans that we offer, or
- A Customised maintenance agreement, or
- A Call-by-Call (ad hoc) maintenance & Support service 3net is committed to providing you
  with the best personalised maintenance   solutions suited to your business objectives.
 Intranet & Gateway  Services
Business nowaday needs to access the Internet:
- To send and receive emails
- To search for information
- To do business with suppliers & customers
- And to transfer data.

The most economical way to do that is through: an Internet Gateway or a Proxy Server.
Internet Gateway makes possible that all client workstations in a network can access
the Internet (surf the Net and send & receive email) with one Internet Account,
one modem and one telephone line.