Internet Access
3net offers dial-up and permanent connection accounts to suit everyone.

For home user a flat rate monthly account may be more suitable whereas for a business a permanent connection with email aliasing is recommended:
Broadband Internet
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Web/Domain Hostings
Have a website with your own domain name eg,

which will improve your customer reach and lead to the potential of sales increase:
Domain Name Registration
Web/Domain Hosting Registration
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Web Design
With our Web publishing division CGImaging, 3net designs a site WITH YOU according to your requirement:
HOT..! Web Package
Standard Web Site
E-Commerce Site
Graphical & Dynamic Site
Flash Site
Have your business open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and have the potential of reaching new customers everywhere.If you are not yet ready to sell online perhaps put your product catalogue or your business brochure on the Web and have them updated whenever needed:
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Database Design
With over 6 years of database design and development experience, we have a team of professional developers who have been involved with and experienced in human resource management and online shopping system:
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Specialised in small-to-medium size business 3net covers every aspects of business network solutions:
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Services Available
Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network connection method for remote (or traveling) users, or branch office to central site/headoffice network:
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Software Sales
CDStore carries a wide range of popular PC and MAC software:
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