FTP Setup :


First, you need to understand how the Web sites and their addresses work
for 3net accounts. The web address (also called the URL) of your site is in the form:www.3net.com.au/~username Example: www.3net.com.au/~kevinp


Entering the above URLs in any browser will display the page (html file)
called index.html which has been placed in the public_html directory in your workspace. The file of your starting html page in that directory must be named index.html exactly.


After you have created your web pages on your PC and checked that they function correctly, you are ready to upload your html and graphic files onto the 3net server
to be present on the World Wide Web.


This tutorial uses WS_FTP, the very user friendly FTP program.
WS_FTP comes in a freeware version for non-commercial use.


You can download WS_FTP from the belowing
URL:http://www.ftpplanet.com/download.htm for Win 95/98/2000/NT


When WS_FTP has been downloaded and setup, connect to the 3net
and run WS_FTP.


This should bring up the Session Properties window.
Click on New, to create a new profile for ftp.3net.com.au.
*Put in the host name (ftp.3net.com.au),
*Your userid (usually the part before the @ symbol in your email address), and
*Your password, making sure these are all in lowercase letters.
(You can tick the Save Password option if you do not want to type
the password for this space each time you open it.).





To connect click on OK.


Once connected a screen will appear with your local files on the left hand side,
and the remote files on the right hand side.





The white icons are files, the yellow icons are folders (or directories).
To enter a directory, double click on the yellow icon. To go back up a directory,
double click on the green arrow pointing upwards.


To upload a file, create a public_html folder on the the right hand side by "MK DIR"
and enter public_html then click OK.


Double click on the public_html. On the left hand-side select the file to transfer
by clicking it once to highlight it, then click on the arrow pointing to the right


This will activate the upload into your 3net's web space. A transfer window will
appear showing you the status of the transfer.






When the file transfer is completed you will notice that the file uploaded now
appears on the right hand-side of the screen.


The files uploaded are now ready to be viewed on the Internet.
You can view these pages at http://www.3net.com.au/~usename
Example http://www.3net.com.au/~kevinp