Netscape 4 Mail Setup :

Configuring Netscape Messenger

1).Open Netscape Messenger from the Start menu by clicking on
    Start -> Programs -> Netscape Communicator -> Netscape Messenger.

2).Click on Edit -> Preferences. The following screen will appear as shown in
    fig 1.

FIG 1.1

3).Click on Mail & groups -> Identity, this is to correctly identify yourself in out going Email messages.


4).The Mail server section is used to setup the server from which your mail will be sent
    to and received from.

The Mail server username is the same as your 3net user_id.
ie. for "" you would type "kevinp" only.
It must be typed in lower case.

The "Mail server type" should be set to POP3. See Fig 2.

5).Once all the above settings are done simply click on OK.

6).Check email by clicking on the Get Msg button .

7).Create Email by clicking on the New Msg button.