Terms & Conditions

1. The charge is $25 per month. The account is billed and pre-paid quarterly which is $75.  All payments for the next quarter are due on the 1st day of January, April, July and October every year. If the customer decide to cancel
the service before the end of the term 3net reserves the right to charge
the fee for creating the account and other administration charge of $20.

The customer is responsible to pay the telephone fees to use the service to the customer's own telephone company. This normally means a local call charge for every connection to 3net.

Connections to 3net may be disconnected if it is idle for 15 minutes or more, or if it is connected for 4 hours or more.

There is no time charge. However, simultaneous connections, i.e. dialing to
3net from more than one computer at the same time with the same account ID, is considered one form of abuses to this account. All simultaneous connections will be disconnected and 3net reserves the right to terminate this account if the practice continues.

There is NO Data volume charge - ALL download is free.

What is Data Download & How is it Measured?
Download is EVERYTHING that is transferred to your computer!
  This inludes:
* Web Browsing
* Email
* Real Audio/Video
* Internet Banking
* Other traffic...
For Example:
You are connected to the Internet and you startup your browser ( eg. Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer ). You go to a site, for example, www.ibm.com. The first page you see from IBM site is 15Kb in size. You have just transferred (downloaded) 15Kb of data to your computer.

You then click to go to the next page to find out what products IBM has to offer. That
next page happens to be 20Kb in size. You have downloaded another 20Kb of data.
So far you have downloaded 35Kb.

Support page is where you want to go to download a video card driver for your old IBM
ThinkPad. That support page, for argument sake, is 10Kb in size. You then double-click on the video driver ".exe" file (50Kb in size) to transfer it to your computer.

You have just downloaded another 60Kb. Your TOTAL download= 35+60 = 95Kb
That is how your DOWNLOAD is calculated each time you use the Internet.
6. The subscriber may store files in 3net’s computer system and maintain a home page with a free quota of 10 MB per subscriber. Additional storage is charged at the rate of $1 per MB per month. There is no limit on the use of the home page. But if the subscriber’s home page is proven to be too popular,
3net reserves the right to charge a fee on the amount of data delivered to
or collected from the subscriber’s home page.

All additional charges, if any, will only be imposed after consultation
with the subscriber.