Web Design: Graphical & Dynamic Site
Graphical and Dynamic Web Sites are a step up from standard web sites.
A fabulous visual an interactive presentation.

Graphical and Dynamic Web Sites
are highly graphical including more dynamics & visual effects if requested. This includes generous image scanning and text limits, it's all about common sense.
Web Site Animation:
Another great service CGImaging offers you is animation. Occasionally a site requires more action, movement and kick to make it stand out.
We specialize in all forms of animation, from the simple to the complex, whether
it's spinning logos or wire-frame renditions. CGImaging can turn a simple still image into a kaleidoscope of movement or custom create special designs from scratch.
Graphical & Dynamic Web Site Design Pricing Estimates:
No. of Pages:
6 page site
- Less than 6 pages
$350.00 ea.per page
- More than 6 pages
$260.00 ea. per page
12 page site
- More than 12 pages
$250.00 ea. per page
* Prices are GST Inclusive.
 Some Examples of Graphical and Dynamic web sites......

3net ISP
HTML, Flash
Provided: Internet Service Provider and Computer Netwoking
Easy Choice Home loans
HTML, Flash
Home loans
       We offer 4 broad categories of website:
Standard Web Site
E-Commerce Site
An eye pleasing informative profile of your business online. How else can you sell to the world for such
a small price?

Graphical & Dynamic Site
Flash Site
Put some pizzazz into your online presentation with glossy graphics and interactivity. The best of the breed, Flash sites are real eye-openers on the Web.